Hospital / Medical / Radiation Doors


Hospital / Medical / Radiation Doors

Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities may require specialized doors that can be manufactured to each projects individual requirements.

Lead lined doors are most commonly used in areas of medical facilities where radiation is present. ACD can provide doors constructed utilising various lead thicknesses. ACD are also able to factory glaze (inc. radiation glass) vision panel.

Hospitals, Laboratories and Aged Care Facilities commonly use a strong thermoplastic product which is excellent for high impact areas. This is achieved using a Laminate, thermoplastic or Vinyl products.

Door protection can be provided to the doors full face, or can be supplied as a surface mounted or recessed flush kick-plate.

Hospital / Medical / Radiation Doors


PVC or KDHWD edge strips can be used for these doors to provide edge protection. The PVC edge strips can be colour matched to the door protection colour if required.

Lead lined doors are rebated at the meeting stiles, the lead overlaps to ensure minimal radiation.